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Board of Consultors

These people believe in the profound importance of the reform of our Church and have given their support and lent their name and credibility to our movement.

Christine Anderson:
Director Faith and Praxis FCJ, Organizational Analyst.

Bob Betterton: (now deceased)
Founder of Accelerating Catholic Church Reform

Eugene Bianchi:
Professor emeritus of theology, Emory University.

Tony Biviano:
Media producer for the For Christ's Sake petition, Australia.

Roy Bourgeois:
Founder of School of Americas Watch and advocate for the Ordination of Women.

Bill Burrows:

Brendan Butler:
Spokesperson, We are Church Ireland, and Coordinator NGO peace Alliance.

James Coriden:
Former president Canon Law Society of America

Brian Coyne:

Donald Cozzens: (now deceased)
Writer-in-residence, John Carroll University

William V. D'Antonio:
Professor of sociology, Catholic Univ of America

Mark Day:
Former Franciscan, news producer, San Diego, California

John A. Dick:
Historical theologian, Louvain Univ; VP Assoc. for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

Bill Ditewig:
Theologian and deacon

Terry Dosh:
Retired Benedictine, founding member of CORPUS

Patrick B. Edgar:
President, Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

Ivan Fernandes:
Catholic journalist, former managing editor in Bangkok-Thailand, Former member of the Society of Jesus, Calcutta Jesuit Province

Paul Gray:
Retired parish administrator, Memphis Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Paul Hansen:
Redemptorist priest and advocate for Biblical justice living.

Rea Howarth:
Freelance writer and consultant; former director of Catholics Speak Out

William Coughlin Hunt:
Peritus (expert) of Vatican II, former professor of theology

Eugene Kennedy: (now deceased)
Psychologist, author

James Kottoor:
Author, former priest, and journalist with Catholic reformation Society of Kerala, Palai in India

Hans Kung: (now deceased)
Priest, theologian, and author; president of the Foundation for a Global Ethic

Raquel Mallavibarrena:
Member of the Spanish Movements: Corriente Somos Iglesia and Redes Cristianas.

Mary John Mananzan:
Executive Director of the Institute of Women's Studies; member of the Admin. Council of Generals and Prioresses of the Benedictine Order, Philippines

Charles McMahon:
Emeritus professor earth sciences, Univ. of Pennsylvania

David O'Brien:
Professor of theology emeritus at College of the Holy Cross and Univ. of Dayton

Joseph O'Callaghan:
Author of Elect our Bishops; emeritus professor theology, Fordham Univ

Anthony Padovano:
Married priest, college professor and author

Therese Padovano:
Former nun, co-founded the northern New Jersey chapter of Voice of the Faithful

Joanne Parrilli:
Retired judge, First Appellate District in San Francisco; an early member Voice of the Faithful

Frank Purcell:
Doctor in theology, member of the Living Faiths Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches, President of the Goulburn Valley Regional Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, co-founder of Catholics for Ministry, Australia.

Sonya Quitslund:
Professor emerita of Bible and Religious Thought; Commander, US Coast Guard

Gaston Roberge, S.J.:
Theologian, film scholar, and author, founder of Chitrabani, the only independent film library in Kolkata, India.

Dr. Karl Rodig:
Bishop, the International Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ.

Michael Saso:
Priest, educator in China

Ted Schmidt:
Canadian educator and writer; author of Journeys to the Heart of Catholicism

Ingrid H. Shafer:
Professor emerita of philosophy and religion, Univ. of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Richard Sipe: (now deceased)
Former Benedictine monk-priest; author of Celibacy, Sex, & Catholic Church

William Slavick:
Coordinator, Pax Christi in Maine

Leonard Swidler:
Professor of theology, Temple Univ; founder Assoc. for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

José María Vigil:
CMF, a Spanish liberation theologian from Panama, member of the Association of Third World Theologians, member of the Congregation of Claretian Missionaries.

Special Advisor

Joan Chittister:
Benedictine Sister, author and lecturer; co-chair Global Peace Initiative of Women


Filo Hirota:
Council for Justice and Peace, rep for Japan

Rene Reid:
Author & lecturer; former nun and Religious Ed Director; M.A. in theology; talk show host