Prepared by Collins Ongoma

The meeting began with a word of prayer from AshiK and then an introduction of members.

The following members were present: Alloys Nyakundi- Kenya, Rebecca – Uganda, Joshua- Uganda, Gerald- Kenya, Jennipher- Uganda, Collins- Kenya, Ashik-Pakistan, Staicy- Kenya, Redemptah – Kenya, Meg –  USA gave an apology


The encounter started with the members presenting o the image of Jesus Christ that the members have in mind and can relate to. Below are the responses from young people:

Ashik - Shared that he visualizes Jesus as a farmer who provides food, water, and shelter for his people.

Collins - Allegorically compared Jesus with a ‘Donkey’ that despite how the ‘load of salvation’ was, he never bolted out but persevered it all.

Joshua – Savior because Jesus sacrificed his life for our sake

Becky – Jesus is her savior, protector, and guide in her life

Alloys - Considers Jesus as a sister. Her three sisters played an important role in his life and gave him the accompaniment when he had ups and downs with life.

Staicy - Considers Jesus as an unconditional friend. She loves having a conversation with Jesus as a friend.

Gerald - Sees Jesus as a Safari-park guide. The park is where Jesus Christ lives while the safari is the journey of life young people are making.

Fr. Joseph - Considers Jesus as the eldest brother and chief intercessor which is an image widely used by the Sukuma people in Tanzania.


The second session was a reflection on what connects us as young people and below are some of the responses received.

Alloys -  We are connected by our common challenges such as unemployment and so many other social issues.

Collins – As young people, we are always looking for a place to belong, feel appreciated, and be accepted.

Gerald - Shared that our personal experiences and challenges as young people bring us together.

Staicy – We are connected as young people so as to learn from our common experiences because through sharing we get insights on how to handle different challenges. We also connect and grow as young people.

Jenipher – It's the problems that connect us and the online seekers' encounters that have given her an opportunity to share and get solutions from other young people.

Ashik - it’s the common challenges and the progress we are making that brings us together.


The final segment of this encounter was based on suggestions to make our gatherings more effective.

Collins - Noted that we take a long time to introduce ourselves leaving less time to discuss the agenda of the day therefore, the leader should just introduce new people briefly or they do so in our chat room.

Ashik - Recommended that we allow protestants to come and join us and also, we should connect on Facebook.

Gerald – wanted to know how we are going to come up with the topics and members suggested that everyone should identify the challenges young people are facing in their local communities and make them our topics of discussion.

Staicy - Emphasized addressing the issues affecting young people in our localities especially when it comes to addressing issues like for example, depression. If possible, we can invite speakers to give a talk on different issues of concern to young people.

Alloys urged members to ensure that before joining the gathering there’s no background noise to avoid disturbance witnessed during the meeting. He also requested we have rotational leadership for our meetings.


The next meeting will be on 7th June 2022.