Meeting Schedules

Beloved Young Seeker,


A quick reminder about our Thursday gathering. To join click on;

Meeting ID: 863 4519 4432
Passcode: seekers


  1. Opening Prayer (Organized by Redemptah)
  2. Welcoming new guests
  3. Maryknoll Young Adults Ministry case study (Luna)
  4. Report on what Young People are doing in their local communities
  5. Facilitator for October 13 Gathering
  6. New Business
  7. Closing prayer


These are the corresponding times for our gathering:



Local Time

Time Zone

UTC Offset

San Francisco (USA – California)

Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 8:00 am


UTC-7 hours

Chicago (USA – Illinois)

Thursday,  September 29, 2022, at 10:00 am


UTC-5 hours

New York (USA – New York)

Thursday,  September 29, at 11:00 am


UTC-4 hours

Mexico City (Mexico – Ciudad de México)

Thursday,  September 29, at 10:00 am


UTC-5 hours

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil – Rio de Janeiro)

Thursday,  September 29, at 12:00 


UTC-3 hours

Karachi (Pakistan – Sindh)

Thursday,  September 29, at 8:00 pm


UTC+5 hours

Eastern Africa Time

Thursday,  September 29, at 6:00 pm


UTC+3 hours

Dublin (Ireland)

Thursday, September 29, at 4:00 pm


UTC+1 hour

Paris (France – Île-de-France)

Thursday,  September 29, at 5: 00 pm


UTC+2 hours

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Thursday,  September 29, at 6:00 pm


UTC+2 hours

Auckland (New Zealand – Auckland)

Friday,  September 30, 2022, at 3:00 am


UTC+12 hours




Alloys M Nyakundi (MPS)

Emmah's Garden (

Catholic Church Reform International (CCRI)

+254742309289 ( Kenya)

Skype address:mbegeraalloysnyakundi

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Items of interest sent in to us by our friends:

Germany How is the church doing at the grass roots? The cover story of the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reports on a new study on how parishes are doing. The Divided Parish 4/20/2014

Turkey First Christian woman mayor wants to fight patriarchy and domestic violence. She is member of the Aramaic ethnic group. Go here to read the story.

France If he didn't have the pressure of the previous popes . . . Interview on French TV with Jean-Louis Schlegel, French philosopher and sociologist. 4/1/2014

U.S.A. Vatican punishments continue: Wisconsin Franciscan Fr. Jerry Zawada has been removed from public ministry for concelebrating Mass with a woman priest in 2011. 3/28/2014

U.S.A. An excellent example of the use of nonviolent action to oppose systemic injustice: Read Marjorie Cohn's article on BDS: Non-Violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation BDS: Non-Violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation. 3/25/2014

Australia The cover up of child abuse was ordered by six popes since 1922 says lawywer Kieran Tapsell. 3/24/2014

Italy Rockin' Nun floors audience on TV Show. Watch Sr. Cristina Scuccia belt out Alicia Key's "No One". 3/21/2014

Ireland The Spirit of God's openness won – Irish bishops release results of survey on family. 3/16/2014

U.S.A. Again! When will it stop? Sr. Teresa Forcades has been banned by the local bishop from speaking at the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles. Please sign the petition. Click here to watch a video of the Harvard-educated, Catalan nun saying that women are called to a fullness that is not second to men's 3/13 - 3/16/2014

Germany Has the Catholic Church in Germany become a Church of well-to-do best agers? asks the German weekly Die Zeit. Read an excerpt. 2/23/2014

U.S.A. The Curia, a creature of the 11th century, is the chief obstacle to any real reform of the Catholic Church, to any honest ecumenical reconciliation, and to any critical, constructive coming-to-terms with the modern world – argues Hans Küng in the English edition of his book Can We Save The Church? An excerpt.2/7/2014

Germany The moral teaching of the church needs to change, says Bishop Stephan Ackermann. 2/6/2014

Switzerland Swiss Bishops release results of Survey on the Family 2/4/2014

Germany A church closer to the people, not ruling in splendor from above but a living part of them, less doctrine, more pastoral care. Interview with Cardinal Maradiaga, in a German newspaper. 1/20/2014