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Let's take advantage of the narrow window of opportunity Pope Francis has given us

For years, many of us have been working and praying for the reform of our Church. For the first time, there appears to be a real opportunity to bring about needed changes. Pope Francis has opened the door as wide as he possibly can inviting the people to speak out while all but forcing the bishops to listen to their people. Francis has given us a window of opportunity - but it is a narrow one. He has called for diocesan synods to be held in every diocese throughout the world from October 2021 to April 2022. Once that window closes, the chance for the people to have any influence will be over as the synodal process moves into phase two and three.

Join with people from around the world by signing this petition in your own language to ensure that we, the people, will be included in this all important synodal process. For the Spirit to be heard at these diocesan synods, the voices of the people must be well represented. Once you have signed it, please post it on your social media accounts and pass it on to all your circle of contacts. Ask your contacts to do the same.

One additional step you are encouraged to take: Use the model letter (shown below in your own language) to write to your own bishops and pastors letting them know how important it will be for them to include a good cross section of the lay people of God in your diocesan synod. Sign the petition now and pass it on to everyone you know, even those who've left the Church out of disappointment or frustration.

Sign the petition to Bishops in your own language

Sign this petition in your own language

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Saini ombi hili kwa lugha yako mwenyewe

Send a letter to your own bishop, pastor, or priest in your own language

Pope Francis has called for a diocesan synod to be held in every diocese throughout the world beginning this coming October. This first step is scheduled to conclude by April 2022. Without encouragement from the People, some bishops will choose not to hold this synod in their diocese.

Below you will find a model letter in your own language that you are encouraged to use to help you formulate your own letter to your bishop, pastor, or priest. The purpose is to let the clergy know how important it is for the People of God to be included and listened to in these forthcoming diocesan synods.

model letter in English

model letter in Spanish

model letter in German

model letter in French

model letter in Portuguese

model letter in Korean

model letter in Japanese

model letter in Swahili / Kiswahili