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Concerns about the outcome of this synodal process

If you share Mary Hunt’s concerns about the outcome of this synodal process still being left in the hands of the bishops, let us address this in our own synodal gatherings. Let us use this opportunity to share with one another what is within our power to make this synodal process relevant in the final analysis with the people genuinely having a deliberative voice and becoming mature followers of Christ.


Mary Hunt shares her concerns in this article about the Synod on Synodality:

Synod or Sin Oddly: Vatican Encourages Catholics to ‘Walk Together’ as Long as the Hierarchy Leads the Way and Decides the Route

The “Synod on Synodality” which Pope Francis launched with minimal fanfare this month is the Vatican’s latest effort to square a circle. It’s meant to engage the whole church, all billion plus, in a process of “walking together” though no one seems to know quite where or how. 

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