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Good Friday Reflection


 Ukranians react to Pope Francis having a
Ukranian family and a Russian family participate together in
his Via Crucis Good Friday procession

As Christians around the world honor this Good Friday, religious and government leaders in Ukraine have expressed "indignation" at the Vatican's decision to have two families – one Ukrainian and the other Russian – carry a cross together at the papal-led Via Crucis on Good Friday at the famed Colosseum. To read the full article in La Croix, click here.

Everyone in every part of the world has opinions about what should be done about Putin's war on Ukraine. What are your thoughts about our pope having a Ukraine family and a Russian family walk together in this Good Friday procession in Rome? Let us ask ourselves: What would Jesus do? What hope exists for the outcome of Ukraine?

 After every Good Friday, there is a resurrection. As we live the passion of Good Friday in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, how do we look forward to the Resurrection?

With blessings for this sacred time in our Church year,

Rene Reid
CCRI director